For the Public & Private Sectors

Overcoming Ignorance

The Challenges of Living with Aspergers Syndrome

Originally developed for a disability awareness week at the University of Manitoba, this presentation looks at the challenges of daily living with Aspergers Syndrome. This presentation looks at the concept of pigeonholing people on the spectrum.

The Dark Side

Aspergers and Suicide

This presentation looks at the painful and confusing world of Aspergers and Suicide. Topics covered include reasons for people on the spectrum showing intention of suicide and the prevalence of suicide amongst those with Aspergers.

Thinking Outside the Box

Academics and Aspergers

Developed originally for the 2011 Aspergers conference in Winnipeg, this presentation shows how to help people with Aspergers get through their post secondary education, including tips on what to do when faced with overwhelming situations such as essays, studying and both mid-term and final exams.